Check the video in the tweet above. It comes courtesy of CNN reporter Noah Gray, who was working a Donald Trump campaign event in Worcester, Mass. Things got testy as protesters shouted down the candidate.

As The Post’s Jenna Johnson notes, it was difficult for on-site reporters to nail the work of these protesters, thanks to the obstructionist impulses of the Trump campaign. A “pen” was deployed to keep reporters confined, and those who strayed got hassled. As Johnson writes:

After CNN reporter Noah Gray left “the pen” to document a group of protesters who unveiled a sign reading “Migrant lives matter,” Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski turned to campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks and said: “Hey: Tell Noah, get back in the pen or he’s f—— blacklisted,” according to a recording of the incident.

As Gray went into the crowd to film reaction to the sign, which had already been taken down, Lewandowski confronted him directly: “Inside the pen, or I will pull your credentials. Media goes in the pen.” Lewandowski at first said the order was because of security, but then said: “I’m telling you. I’m telling you. Media stays in the pen.”

There’s no contention here whatsoever that the Trump campaign is staking out its own ground in seeking to restrict the movement of journalists. Remember Hillary Clinton’s mobile rope corral at an Independence Day event in New Hampshire? And what media nerd could forget the Clinton Foundation’s deployment of minders to escort reporters to such places as the bathroom at a September 2014 event?

Trump’s people have used this media-credential-denial before, too. Months ago, the campaign stiff-armed reporters for the Huffington Post and the Des Moines Register, stripping them of passes for Press Team Trump. Whoopdeedoo, Register reporter Jason Noble told CNN: “Each time we’ve been denied press credentials, we’ve still been able to access the event and cover it in exactly the same manner as if we had received credentials.”

In other words, don’t let these Trump guys push you around.