Over at Vox, Dylan Matthews has written a piece titled, “The media has no idea how to deal with Donald Trump’s constant lying.” The thrust is that Donald Trump, in an interview with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos, made some extremely highly rebuttable statements — statements that the host challenged but that may have appeared intact to the casual viewer. Including the claim that “thousands” of people in Jersey City, N.J., cheered the 9/11 attacks.

Trump’s genius at live-TV deception, writes Matthews, puts Stephanopoulos in a spot. “The result is the jumble ABC News presented Sunday, wherein a frustrated interviewer is forced to entertain the candidate’s lies and try to rebut them in real time, knowing that defusing each and every falsehood is impossible,” argues Matthews.


TV news has never been able to correct every misstatement as it’s uttered. But that doesn’t mean that the “media” is powerless against the lying ways of Donald Trump. Here are some links.

So it appears that when a candidate presents false claims, the media writes them up and debunks them. Which is to say, it knows exactly what to do. Whether its work on this front makes any difference, that’s a different matter. There’s a story for that, too: “4 theories why Donald Trump’s many falsehoods aren’t hurting him.”