MSNBC News this afternoon revisited its visit to the rental apartment of the attackers — Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik — in the San Bernardino killings. “Interestingly, as a reporter who’s been doing this for three-plus decades,” said NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders in a discussion with anchor Kate Snow, “I have never quite seen anything like this, where shortly after the FBI leaves a scene that the media is invited in by the homeowner and literally more than 100 reporters and camera crews traipse throughout the entire apartment. Upstairs, downstairs and just about every nook and cranny.”

Not just about every nook and cranny. Indeed every nook and cranny: As we have already written, Sanders, in a live romp through the apartment, showed photos and a California driver’s license — items that hadn’t come even close to being vetted for public exposure.

Following an outcry from social media, blogs and rooftops around the world, MSNBC issued a statement about Sanders’s tour:

MSNBC and other news organizations were invited into the home by the landlord after law enforcement officials had finished examining the site and returned control to the landlord. Although MSNBC was not the first crew to enter the home, we did have the first live shots from inside. We regret that we briefly showed images of photographs and identification cards that should not have been aired without review.

Bolding added to highlight chest-beating and apology wrapped in a single three-sentence statement. Unprecedented.

The official regret from MSNBC offices wasn’t much in evidence during Sanders’s exchange with Snow. They marveled about the “sense of normalcy” (Snow’s description) in the apartment, filled as it was with a crib, baby stuff, diapers and furniture. Terrorists, apparently, are human beings too.

As to Sanders’s observation that he’d never before seen such a situation, that’s a good thing for journalism; we wouldn’t want live ethical lapses to become an everyday thing. As one person pointed out on Twitter:

During the Snow-Sanders segment, MSNBC aired a highly edited version of Sanders’s earlier live tour, with the photographs and driver’s license excised. Good idea.