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Opinion Donald Trump just cannot abide an independent media

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally June 16 in Des Moines. (Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press)

Want to see Donald Trump get frustrated? Present him with a situation that he can’t possibly control.

That’s what’s going on in this video, extracted from a Jan. 2 Trump rally in Biloxi, Miss. In a protracted rant, Trump complains that the media assembled to film his rally won’t pan around the venue to convey the size — about 15,000-strong — of the crowd. “Turn it, turn it, spin it,” he instructs camerapeople in the media pod, the better to pull in the crowd shots. “Spin the camera. Look at the guy in the middle. Look at the guy in the middle. Why aren’t you turning the camera? Terrible. So terrible. Look at him, he doesn’t turn the camera. He doesn’t turn the camera . . . I’ll tell you, it’s disgusting. The only time they turn the camera is if we have a heckler,” said Trump, who had made a side business of complaining that media outlets don’t properly capture the enormity of his following.

But the Republican presidential front-runner wasn’t finished. “It’s so damn unfair, the press. . . . That guy right there, who do you shoot for? That guy right there has not moved that camera. It’s disgusting. All right. . . . He’s instructed by his bosses to not move the camera.”

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Correct, Mr. Trump! According to TVNewser, Wes Barrett, a White House producer for Fox News, posted a rebuttal on Facebook to Trump’s attempt to micromanage the Fourth Estate. The cameraman, Barrett pointed out, was the network “pool head on camera”:

By agreements reached years ago, the pool head on camera that is serving ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX and NBC is required to stay on a well-composed, tight shot of the person speaking. It’s protective, mainly in case something happens to the most high-profile person in the building. Every net has other cameras responsible for getting wide shots of the venue…Having a network head on camera at your event signifies stature and Trump and his staffers should understand this by now. He created an ugly scene for absolutely no reason.

Extreme narcissism and cluelessness, all in one tidy episode.