New York Magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman clocks in with another update on palace intrigue at Fox News, a jewel of Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox megamedia corporation. The gist is that Fox News chief Roger Ailes is being shadowed by his longtime boss, Rupert Murdoch, who is allegedly looking to reassert his authority as top dog. Further: Ailes is cutting a diminished presence around Fox News, delivering fewer directives and perhaps even neglecting core duties.

“There is no Trump strategy,” a source tells Sherman.

As gripes against Fox News go, this one belongs in the ha-ha category. As if Jeb Bush had a Trump strategy. As if Ted Cruz had a Trump strategy. As if Rand Paul had a Trump strategy. As if Hillary Clinton had a Trump strategy. No: All these folks have been blindsided by a guy determined to break all the rules and spew falsehoods to fill airtime.

As for media outlets having a Trump strategy: Did all the broadcasters who got shoved into holding pens by Trump aides have a strategy for that crisis? Not so much. Do many of those same outlets have a strategy for getting Trump to stop singling out pool camera operators for ridicule in front of large crowds? Not so much. Does NBC have a strategy for whether to partner with Trump? Not so much. Did “Morning Joe” have a strategy for dealing with a filibustering Trump? Not so much.

And so: Did Fox News have a “strategy” for dealing with a candidate willing to suggest that its star anchor pressed him with tough questions at a debate because she was menstruating? No, and surely Ailes & Co. could have done better. Just like everyone else.