Republican Donald Trump skipped the debate where Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly co-moderated. Here's a look back at the clash that started with an earlier debate in August 2015. (Sarah Parnass/The Washington Post)

That tweet comes from Donald Trump in the midst of his headline-commanding decision to withdraw from the Fox News debate Thursday night in Iowa over concerns about the neutrality of co-moderator Megyn Kelly. And despite the candidate’s avowed caution in deploying “bimbo,” there appears to be a group of people deploying it with abandon.

Donald Trump Fans Attack Megyn Kelly With Sexist Slurs,” declares a story over at data-mining site Vocativ.

An examination by Vocativ of 80,000 tweets directed at Kelly from Tuesday to Wednesday morning plus 1,200 Facebook comments turned up a swell of nasty treatment of the Fox News star. A word cloud in the Vocativ piece tells it all, but the Erik Wemple Blog cannot possibly embed it here because of The Post’s decency standards. In fact, “bimbo” is one of the few words that can be repeated in this space.

So: People may not agree that Trump’s comments hammering Kelly convey sexism, but as to the sort of online chatter that he unleashes, let there be no doubt.