Media critic

It’s easy to poke fun at this little package by CNN’s Alexandra Field. She consulted feng shui expert Priscilla Lam in Hong Kong about the 2016 presidential election. When asked about Hillary Clinton, Lam said, “Hillary is the best on the face . . . Sharp eyes, OK . . . long face, high nose, flexible lips.”

On the Republican side, Lam predicted that Trump would come in No. 1 in New Hampshire, followed by Marco Rubio, perhaps because this “water pig,” as he’s known to the fortune teller, has good facial communication skills — according to a Rubio feng shui trading card posted on “In his face, the communication skills are very good. He has very strong lips and the politician’s long face. The nose is okay — it means management skill or power.” But what’s the feng shui giveaway for resorting to prepared talking points over and over?

This is what happens when a network goes all in on the 2016 election. As we’ve noted before, CNN has essentially hired a talking head — Jeffrey Lord — for the express purpose of defending Donald Trump. It posts those countdown clocks whenever something marginally important is going to happen in the campaign (especially one of its debates or town hall events); it keeps announcing new pundits. And now the feng shui report from Hong Kong.

Nicknaming the candidates “earth snake” and “earth pig” and the like is, of course, utter nonsense. But then again, so is a great deal of political punditry heard on cable news, as last week’s Iowa caucuses proved.