“Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski this morning rapped the Erik Wemple Blog for having criticized their town hall event with Donald Trump on Wednesday night. Over an hour-long event, these MSNBC folks failed to press Trump on the central theme of his political emergence — that is, racism and bigotry — while touching on other matters both substantive and frivolous, lamented this blog.

“I think it was Erik Wemple of the Washington Post [who] said. ‘How dare you have a town hall meeting where you don’t ask about his racist comments?’ . . . By the way, he didn’t write that article after CNN was asking what his favorite flavor of ice cream was and how he slept and what does he order when he goes through McDonald’s?”

Guilty as charged: The Erik Wemple Blog has most certainly failed to call out all the reporters and anchors and media organizations that haven’t adequately pursued Trump on his racism and bigotry. And we stand by every word of our review of the Scarborough-Brzezinski Trump town hall.