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Read the Supreme Court’s ruling Monday striking down a Texas law imposing strict conditions on abortion providers. The majority opinion in the case, written by Justice Stephen G. Breyer, examines two provisions of the 2013 law — one that requires a physician performing an abortion to have admitting privileges at a hospital located “not further” than 30 miles from the clinic, and another that required abortion facilities to meet the “minimum requirements … for ambulatory surgical centers.” The opinion plows through the considerations that go into deciding a case like this: Whether the restrictions are, in fact, designed to protect women’s health, or just to limit the availability of abortion; whether the state of Texas had any evidence that the law had helped women seeking treatment; whether the curbs had led to the closure of Texas abortion clinics.

It’s all very serious stuff — people’s lives, their safety and their rights. Yet the tweet above encapsulates the take of Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show” on the matter. Ha.

Twitter’s got this one:

Just where is the program’s comic sensibility coming from? Well, its host is Noah, who came under fire for a history of jokes about fat women, Jews and other topics.

After seeing the anger stirred by its sense of humor, the Daily Show attempted to bandage the mess:

Oh, well that explains it.