Bill O’Reilly. (Richard Drew/Associated Press)

Ever since Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign, Bill O’Reilly has disclosed that the two are friends. Here’s what he told viewers in June 2015: “Now, I’ve known the man for almost 30 years, have done some business with his jet fleet and occasionally we go to sporting events together. So he wanted his first post-announcement interview to be on ‘The Factor.’ Good for us.”

Later we learned that Trump and O’Reilly, when they do get together, enjoy vanilla milkshakes.

Adweek’s Chris Ariens apparently wanted to know a bit more, asking O’Reilly in an interview what people don’t know about their relationship. “Not much,” responded O’Reilly. “It’s built on sports. We’re both sports fans and New York fans. I don’t hang with Donald Trump. We go to some games together and once in a while, when he wasn’t a politician, when he needed a favor or something, I would be happy to do it for him — if he had some kid who wanted to come and see the show.”

Whatever: They’re buds, people who protect each other. In an interview with then-presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) after a March Fox News debate, for instance, O’Reilly asked:  “Do you think Donald Trump’s an honest man?” He supplied his own answer, telling Cruz, “I’ve known him for about 30 years. I think he’s an honest man,” said the host.

So, no matter how O’Reilly may characterize his friendship with Trump in a conversation with Adweek, this is all that matters: It’s a sufficiently strong bond that O’Reilly will vouch for Trump’s honesty in spite of all the evidence that he’s a hardened liar. That’s a very, very good friend.