PHILADELPHIA — In a “Tip of the Day” segment Tuesday night, Bill O’Reilly reported that Michelle Obama was correct — slaves did, in fact, participate in the building of the White House, as she stated in a lauded speech Monday night here at the Democratic National Convention. He added that those slaves were “well fed” and resided in “decent lodgings.”

A backlash erupted, as this blog and not a few social-media individuals pointed out that, hey, we’re talking about slaves here.

Of course, people who point to the atrocities of slavery are just “far left loons” seeking to tear down the King of Cable News. This response would be interesting if it weren’t so predictable. It was sinister liberal politics, in O’Reilly’s estimation, that drove all the reporting in early 2015 about how the host had embellished or lied about his reportorial exploits in various conflict zones. “Mother Jones and the far-left web sites couldn’t care less about the truth. They’re in the business to injure. This is a political hit job,” said O’Reilly at one point. (Disclosure: The wife of the Erik Wemple Blog is a staffer at Mother Jones.)

O’Reilly’s tweet appears to promise a defiant return to this topic on Wednesday night’s program. In light of that possibility, the Erik Wemple Blog hereby offers a draft for O’Reilly’s rebuttal to all these communist haters on social media and elsewhere. We authorize Bill O’Reilly to use it all without attribution.

On last night’s “Tip of the Day” segment, your humble correspondent delivered a confirmation of some remarks made by first lady Michelle Obama in her speech Monday at the Democratic National Convention. [Play Obama clip] Now, as many of you know, I write history in my spare time — please check out for my books. So I put those tools to work in checking the first lady’s claim. Turns out she’s absolutely right: Slaves indeed helped to construct the White House. In addition to corroborating this fact, “The Factor” added others, noting that other laborers helped to build the executive mansion. In that same spirit of comprehensiveness, I explained that the slaves were well fed and lived in decent lodgings. For that, the radical left wing, particularly active on the Internet and dedicated to the destruction of “The Factor,” blasted me. You’re trivializing slavery. That’s racist. Our reply? Sorry, left-wing loons, but we were just reporting the historical facts, and not your politically correct version of them. Next up, a tendentious interview with a Black Lives Matter activist.

That felt gross.