Ohio University recently indicated that it was nearing “appropriate decisions” with regard to the “Roger E. Ailes Newsroom.”

Now we know just what “appropriate” means: Reports from the indicate that the school’s administration has decided to remove the name. This, via the Athens News’s Conor Morris:

The naming of the newsroom stemmed from a $500,000 commitment that Ailes made in 2007. It looks as though that sum is going back to Ailes, per a decision announced by university President Roderick McDavis:

Questions about the newsroom surged in this summer of scandal for Ailes. For 20 years, the former Republican operative ran Fox News, taking it from a startup that had trouble getting cable carriage to the beast of the cable-news business. It came with a price: Former host Gretchen Carlson on July 6 filed a sexual harassment suit against Ailes, a move that prompted many others to come forward with their own accounts of mistreatment by the boss. An investigation turned up too many stories to ignore, and Ailes was forced out of his position.

A 1962 alumnus of Ohio University, Ailes served for two years as student manager of WOUB, a radio and TV outlet that today is a “non-academic unit” of the university’s Scripps College of Communication. It is affiliated with PBS and NPR. The extent of its homage to Ailes is a hallway plaque and lettering. WOUB’s general manager told the Erik Wemple Blog last month that the station “never” cites the “Roger E. Ailes Newsroom” in its broadcasts or otherwise advertises events that take place in the space.

Per Morris, a Roger Ailes scholarship at the university will remain in place:

A university rep has sent the Erik Wemple Blog this statement from McDavis:

In recent weeks our campus community has been disrupted by the indirect impact of the Roger Ailes controversy. I have listened to the various viewpoints and perspectives of our faculty, staff, students and alumni. I have consulted with the dean of the college and other senior leadership. The distraction from the teaching and academic mission of the Scripps College of Communication has weighed heavily on my mind as I deliberated over the sustained effect on our university community should we continue to have our newsroom named for Mr. Ailes.
Given the allegations against Mr. Ailes and the circumstances surrounding his departure from Fox News, I have decided that the most appropriate action is to return Mr. Ailes’ gift and to remove his name from the WOUB newsroom. I have directed Facilities to begin the process of physically removing his name.
Some people may criticize me for taking a long time to make a decision, but out of fairness to all, I wanted to be deliberative. I believe this to be an appropriate decision that is in alignment with our principled beliefs as a university community.

As a matter of fact, any other decisions would be recklessly out of alignment with any principled belief whatsoever.