The tweet above, from GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s Twitter account, refers to a story that broke yesterday outlining how Donna Brazile, a former contributor to CNN, somehow secured what appeared to be a draft question for a March 13 CNN town hall event with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. She sent along the question to the Clinton campaign — though the wording of the question was different when it was posed at the town hall the following day. As reporting from CNN’s Brian Stelter noted, TVOne, a partner of CNN in organizing the town hall, could well have been the source of the leaked question. (CNN now says it has “every reason to believe it came from” TVOne.) Whatever the source, Brazile was a paid CNN contributor at the time — as well as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. She relinquished her CNN contributorship over the summer when she became the interim chair of the DNC.

All of which is to say that with a small caveat or two — Trump spoke of “questions” before “big debates” when there was just one question for a town hall — this was a mostly accurate depiction by @RealDonaldTrump. That’s worth noting.

Pundits might say that the tweet reflects a “movement within the Trump campaign to pivot away from lying.”