The tweet above is precisely what CNN invited when it hired Corey Lewandowski to become a paid CNN commentator back in June. He’s the guy in the middle — the paid CNN commentator, flanked by Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks on the left and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on the right. The message from Conway? “#teamwork #NH” Now we know that officially and unequivocally, the Trump campaign regards a paid CNN commentator as part of the team.

Of course, there’s not much news here. Previous reports have indicated that Lewandowski, even after his firing from the Trump campaign, has wiggled his way back into the inner circle, if he even ever left it. Photographic evidence, though, is always helpful. Earlier this week, CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker labeled the actions of Donna Brazile — who had shared questions with the Clinton campaign — “disgusting.” What choice word would he apply to Lewandowski’s ongoing role with the Trump campaign?