As the Daily Spicer has noted before, White House press secretary Sean Spicer professes to adore his work. “I love it,” he said in an April interview.

Especially when he doesn’t have to do it!

At today’s White House briefing, Spicer took the podium for 53 seconds — just long enough to introduce guest question-takers Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney.

The ensuing session lasted about 40 minutes.

As Mulvaney wrapped things up, a line of White House officials began filing toward the exit. Among them was Spicer himself. “Sean, can you answer a couple questions please?” shouted a reporter in the room.

Spicer’s head didn’t swivel. He was headed out. There would be no more questions.

The entire room erupted: “SEAN!!!!” “Come on, Sean.”

The disappointment that echoed in the clamor may well be connected to this tweet:

During his time at the lectern, Mulvaney had difficulty explaining away the president’s wish for a government shutdown. There was every reason to expect that Spicer’s whack at the same questions could have been historic.

For those wishing to see just this action-packed segment of today’s briefing, a trusty C-SPAN user has done the work for you.