Though President Trump recently tweeted that he has “very little” time for television, somehow he managed to squeeze in some viewing in his flight back to the White House on Sunday evening. Reports The Post’s Philip Rucker:

“Watters’ World” airs weekend nights at 8 p.m. It’s a spinoff of host Jesse Watters’s segments from the once-popular “O’Reilly Factor” in which the young protege of Bill O’Reilly would ambush various public figures or hit the streets to interview people about matters of public interest — and edit the results to portray everyone as dumb as possible.

Now that he has his own gig, Watters does a little of everything — interviewing newsmakers, man-on-the-street interviews, monologues and so on. On this past weekend’s edition, Trump and his family — if they stayed tuned — may well have heard this sort of content from “Watters’ World”:

*Regarding reaction to news that Donald Trump Jr. held a meeting with a Russian lawyer in June 2016. “Has the left taken this ammo and shot itself in the foot with it? Of course they have.”

*Regarding the same: “I’m very sick of the left calling the Trump family unpatriotic … Democrats have been cozying up to dictators and our enemies for years … The media colluded with the Democrats, letting Hillary cheat during the debates. President Obama palling around with domestic terrorists, sitting in the same church as an America-hating preacher. The Democrats undermining the military …. Trump’s family has done more for this country than any Democrat elected official. He has created more jobs in the real estate industry,” said Watters in a rant from a previous edition of the program “The Five” that he replayed on “Watters’ World.”

*Regarding Trump’s immigration policies: “During the campaign, President Trump promised to build a border wall — a promise he’s sticking to … President Trump also said Mexico would pay for the wall. He’s making good on that as well.”

*Regarding the border wall, in an interview with United States Border Patrol Acting Chief Carla L. Provost: “When the wall is underway, I may go down there with a shovel and break ground.”

*Regarding a feminist backlash against Ivanka Trump: “I think Ivanka is considered more of a moderating influence on her father and has been pretty successful on women’s issues when it comes to entrepreneurship and human trafficking.”

Regarding the economy: “If you haven’t checked your 401(k) lately, give it a glance. Because chances are it’s up. In fact, since Election Day, the stock market is up 17 percent but of course the Trump boom is not covered by the mainstream media.”

So: Of course President Trump was watching Jesse Watters. What was this narcissist going to do — switch over to MSNBC and watch an in-depth report on the “bloody battle to rid Mosul of ISIS”? Or some original series on CNN?