President Trump unveiled a new strategy for the U.S. war in Afghanistan on Aug. 21. (Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)

Herewith another in an interminable series of posts surfacing transcripts from the proceedings on “Fox & Friends,” the Fox News program that hews most closely to state-run media among significant national media outlets.

President Trump’s Monday night speech about U.S. commitments in Afghanistan stirred mixed reviews, with some hammering the president for being vague and for flip-flopping. Lest there be any worry that the pro-Trump side of things didn’t get the proper exposure, “Fox & Friends” co-host Todd Piro road-tripped to Pat’s Original Diner in Trenton, N.J. — not far from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. There he interviewed people who — wouldn’t you know! — expressed a nearly unqualified level of support for Trump.

Co-host Todd Piro: I want you to meet Paul. Paul, first of all, thank you for your service to our great nation. Paul served three tours in Vietnam and earned the Purple Heart. He says last night’s speech by Trump was amazing. Explain why.

Paul: Well, I believe [inaudible] support the president. You have to look at his team that he has behind him. You have Gen. Kelly, who’s lost a son overseas, and Gen. Mattis, a lot of experience there, and of course Gen. Dunford and the rest of the joint chiefs. I have to follow my leaders. I’ve always learned that when I was in the Navy, and I am a strong believer in what they’re doing because we have to stop terrorism over there, or we’re going to be fighting on the shores of the United States.

Piro: As somebody who gave so much for our great nation, what can you say to the American people about the sacrifices that are going to have to be made if we’re to win the war on terror?

Paul: It’s hard to lose anybody and anyone who has friends that died will understand that. But you have to fight for freedom that we enjoy here in the United States.

Piro: Paul, again: We cannot thank you enough for your service to our great country. I want to go to Lynn now. Lynn has a nephew who’s actually at the joint base over here and I wanted to get your perspective from the military-family perspective. How do you think military families are responding to President Trump’s speech?

Lynn: Oh, I’m sure they’re in full support of President Trump. I’m sure they are — as far as safety concerns. But you need to support the president and the troops, and I’m sure they’ll know they’re ready at a drop’s notice. They’ll be great.

Piro: We thank you and of course we thank you for your nephew’s service. And we’re going to go to Rich now. Rich, Trump voter. When I asked Rich what did you think of last night’s speech, his word was another home run. Why do you say that?

Rich: Well, if a country demonstrates a clear and present danger to our country or our allies, we’ve got to take care of business. And we can’t fight them with a pallet of taxpayers’ cash.

Piro: So what you just told me off-camera that you love most is that we’re in it to win in, and we’re not giving the other guys our strategy. We’re holding the strategy. President Trump is holding the strategy, not giving it up to everybody.

Rich: Right. He talked about the rule — changing the rules of engagement, and we’ve been fighting with one hand behind our back with all of our conflicts. And we have a whole lot of conflicts from the past 15 years of forming conflicts.

Piro: We want to thank everybody here at Pat’s Original Diner. Big round of applause to yourselves, everybody. Let’s clap. Big round of applause to these folks here. We’re going to send it on back to New York.