President Trump at the White House in October. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)
Media critic

The publicly funded clipping service for the idiotic morning show “Fox & Friends” was at it again on Friday morning:

On a slow news week, this topic was guaranteed grist for the “Fox & Friends” propaganda mill. Rasmussen Reports on Thursday released polling that placed Trump’s approval rating at 46 percent, a significant bump above the RealClearPolitics average of 39 percent — and in the neighborhood of President Barack Obama’s 49 percent approval rating in December 2009, at a comparable point in his tenure.

In introducing the topic, “Fox & Friends” co-host Pete Hegseth noted, “The mainstream media loves to rail against President Trump’s approval ratings — Newsweek going as far as calling Trump, quote, ‘The least popular president ever.’ ” The rest of the coverage proceeded predictably, a la state media, with the crew inviting a guest — Beverly Hallberg of the District Media Group and the Heritage Foundation — to say such things as this: “So when you look at this poll, it kind of reinforces what we’ve known about what Donald Trump would refer to as the ‘fake news’ — taking a poll like this and still having the narrative that he is not doing well.”

Gauging the headwinds battering Trump, Hallberg had an interesting take. “Let’s not forget he has multiple Russia investigations through 2017. He has had an uphill battle with the news media. He has had a lot of staff turnover as well,” said Hallberg, as if all those troubles just fell from the sky into the president’s two-scoop dish of ice cream.

Enough carping, however. Please, “Fox & Friends”: By all means, keep up the coverage of Trump’s approval ratings. Sure, it’s utterly lacking in integrity, propagandistic, whatever. But it’s also harmless. Instead of brainwashing the president on consequential issues such as terrorism, health care and taxation, stick to approval ratings in 2018. The republic will thank you.