Kristin Tate, a conservative columnist who formerly worked at Breitbart, unspooled some classic cable-news analysis Wednesday afternoon on Fox News. She was speaking with host Trace Gallagher about revelations in a new book from journalist Michael Wolff featuring controversial comments from former Trump aide Stephen K. Bannon. The president took umbrage at Bannon’s broadsides, which called a famous June 2016 meeting with Trumpites and a Russian lawyer “treasonous.”

The counterpuncher in chief issued an extensive statement hammering Bannon. “He lost his mind,” read the statement, in part.

The pugilism set the stage for the day’s White House press briefing, which obsessed over the Bannon-Trump clash, prompting a media critique from Tate:

Watching this press conference, I just had to laugh because it kind of encapsulated exactly why the American people are completely fed up with the media. We’re dealing with right now in our country a potential government shutdown, we’re coming up to a critical midterm election and we’re trying to figure out what to do with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in this country and reporter after reporter lines up and asks questions about Trump’s rivalry with Steve Bannon. I mean, give me a break. This is not what the American people are interested in.

After Gallagher noted that this was the hot topic of the day, Tate circled back to the media slam:

I think it was a mistake for them to put out this statement right before the press briefing because, of course, all of this now dominated the White House press briefing. And these liberal reporters — their goal is to make Trump look unfit to be in office. And when you release a lengthy statement personally attacking your former chief strategist, it kind of only gives more weight to that argument. And it certainly did not help with the focus of today’s presser. So I think they didn’t do themselves any favors and the country — conservatives, Republicans — would all be better off if Trump would kind of put this behind him and focus on the issues at hand and move the country forward.

Bolding added to underscore the media reality of the past year: Is the “liberal media” really aligned against Trump? Or are cold, plain facts aligned against Trump?