After the mainstream media anointed Michael Wolff author of the century and boosted his book — “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” — to No. 1 on the bestseller lists, the New York author hit a rough patch. He faced tough questions on MSNBC and other spots after he appeared on HBO with Bill Maher and engaged in some speculation about a presidential affair. That scandalito followed him on a disastrous European tour in which a Dutch TV host pounded him on that very speculation. In an interview from London with an Australian TV show, he appeared to be faking an audio problem as he was being pressed on the topic.

Toward the end of February, after much of that unpleasantness, Wolff announced via Twitter:

From the looks of things, Wolff and Co. may have overestimated the demand for his reflections on the Trump administration. Or something. Whatever the case, Wolff’s events are disappeared. Here’s the cancellation for the event in Portland, Maine.; here’s the cancellation for the event in Los Angeles; here’s the cancellation for the event in San Jose; here’s the cancellation for the event in Denver. Box offices for the San Antonio and Kansas City, Mo., events confirmed cancellations.

One journalist who was supposed to interview Wolff on the tour received this note from a venue owner: “We found out 45 minutes ago that they are pulling the entire 17+ city tour.”

The May 3 event in San Francisco remains on the calendar, according to an inquiry. Plenty of tickets are left.

Opinion writers Jonathan Capehart, Molly Roberts, Dana Milbank and Ruth Marcus discuss the potential fallout from Michael Wolff's book, "Fire and Fury." (The Washington Post)