When ABC News in December 2017 issued an erroneous report about former national security adviser Michael Flynn, it was slow to understand the gravity of its error, slow to acknowledge it to viewers. It got hammered.

On Wednesday, ABC News was quicker to acknowledge a new massive error:

Just what had the network done? Please sample this tweet from Cliff Yaffe, a viewer of WTNH, ABC’s affiliate in New Haven, Conn.:

We repeat the outrage: “MANAFORT PLEADS GUILTY TO 5 CHARGES OF MANSLAUGHTER.” Yaffe tells the Erik Wemple Blog via email that the graphic stayed on the screen for about five seconds.

Paul Manafort, a longtime Washington lobbyist and President Trump’s former campaign chairman, has legal troubles, indeed. They tend to cluster, however, in the nonviolent areas of money-laundering and conspiracy as well as witness tampering.

The Erik Wemple Blog has sent ABC News an inquiry regarding this incident. We’re interested in knowing just how this whole thing materialized. The universe of explanations falls roughly into three categories: 1.) The graphic was a big joke by some wise person in the newsroom, which is a clear scandal with disciplinary implications; 2.) Someone had written the graphic in the belief that the news was real, which is a clear scandal with disciplinary implications; or 3.) Someone hacked into the ABC News graphics system, which is a clear scandal with disciplinary or perhaps law-enforcement implications.