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The likelihood that Beltway journalists pursuing input from the Environmental Protection Agency will be slapped with insults instead of professionalism just plummeted. Jahan Wilcox, a press aide who served under then-EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, has left his job, according to the Washington Examiner and others.

The tactics of Wilcox roared into the news weeks ago, when the Atlantic reported about an EPA staffer’s departure. In a normal world, such a story might draw a confirmation, a denial or maybe even the silent treatment. Wilcox chose Door No. 4: “You have a great day, you’re a piece of trash,” said the spokesman to a reporter from the Atlantic. There were plenty of other instances of gratuitous nastiness spilling forth from Pruitt’s appointees in the EPA media office, with Wilcox playing a leading role.

Attempts to reach Wilcox were unsuccessful, though he signaled his plans in a statement published by the Examiner: “It’s been a privilege to advance President Trump’s agenda of environmental stewardship and regulatory reform. Now it’s time to focus on helping Republicans in November.”

Just which Republicans are seeking Wilcox-style help remains to be seen. After all: He’s the fellow who executed that fabulous Scott Pruitt Media Management Strategy. You know, the one that helped push Pruitt out of office in a cloud of scandal.

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