No one would mistake Eric Trump for one of this country’s great historians or philosophers, but that doesn’t mean he can’t stumble into a poignant riff on the depravities of demagoguery. While trying to pooh-pooh the celebration of violence against journalists, mind you.

On Friday’s edition of the Fox News program “Outnumbered,” which features four female commentators and one male commentator (which the show calls the #OneLuckyGuy), Eric Trump fielded a question about his father’s Thursday night praise of Rep. Greg Gianforte for having body-slammed a reporter in May 2017 over the offense of asking a question. Many have condemned Trump for saying, “Never wrestle him. You understand that? Never. Any guy who can do a body-slam. … He’s my guy.”

After reading a stern statement from the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) on the matter, Outnumbered’s Melissa Francis turned to Eric Trump, who said this:

Stop, he wasn’t the guy who body-slammed anybody. He can have fun. By the way, this is exactly why my father won. Because so many people are so sick and tired of … the perfectly scripted politician who memorize their little soundbite and they went out there and had no crowds and weren’t any fun and they had no charisma, they had no personality. Hey, to go out and say as a guy who’s a little bit — who is un-PC and probably won because he is un-PC — “Anybody who body-slams somebody, he’s my kind of guy” — and joke about it and the whole crowd’s laughing: Let’s stop. That’s –“

At that point, Francis wondered if Trump felt the same way about former Obama attorney general EricH. Holder’s saying, “When they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.”

Trump responded:

No, the difference was, Eric Holder wasn’t laughing when he was saying that and kind of joking around, right? The demeanor was very different. He’s saying when they’re down, you go up and you kick them in the head. I think it actually is different. I think it is totally different. I think the way you actually convey a message resonates. “Hey, my kind of guy, I like tough guys. … Don’t mess with him — he’s a great guy — now come up here and say a couple of words” — Like, I thinks that’s very different —

Bolding added to highlight some words that Holder didn’t say.