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Senator apologizes to broadcaster for criticizing without context.

Get better fast, Mr. Anchor.

The NBC Sports commentator says he'll have no "additional comments at this time."

The NBC Sports announcer takes exception to the notion that he lacks conviction on the topic of Jovan Belcher and gun control.

Bob Costas tells Bill O'Reilly that he supports "more comprehensive and effective controls on the sale of guns." Yet that's not what he was talking about in his famous Sunday night remarks. Huh?

NBC sportscaster says he didn't have enough time to prep, or to fully explain the nuances of his position on U.S. "gun culture." Own your words, Costas

Sports broadcasters tend not to touch politics on the air. And they even hesitate to touch the topic of whether they touch politics on the air.

Likens gun-control advocacy to stripping African Americans of vote

The sportscaster cites a shooting death in advocating gun control.