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Lawyer for one of "Bag Men" questions sensibilities of the New York Post in publishing story.

Why reporters should just show up.

There are only so many countermeasures against the sort of treatment that the New York Post accorded to two Boston-area young men. One of them is a whopping civil suit.

Absolutely no benching of John King, despite chatter.

New York Post says those guys in its cover photo are "cleared." Does that imply they were suspected of wrongdoing to begin with?

The New York Post publishes a photograph in which federal investigators are interested. And so what?

Comedian says cable news generally thrives on conflict generated by two outside parties; not in the case of CNN's erroneous arrest report, however.

Just how many sources did the Associated Press rely on for its erroneous report of an arrest in the Boston marathon case?

Is the New York Post ready to concede its death tally was off?

There's one outlet that can shed light on the New York Post's Boston reporting, and that's the New York Post.

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