The Washington Post

Robert Gibbs does a little followup interview after his Sunday revelation about drone secrecy.

Why did MSNBC/NBC bring on Robert Gibbs? News.

Personal spat gives way to a discussion of why drone coverage didn't take hold sooner.

"Even more transparent" with the public on counterterrorism policy?

Rich Lowry of the National Review suggests that casualties of drone strikes have preventive measures at hand.

Fox News host asks whether Democrats are upset that drone strikes are killing innocent civilians or are they upset that drone strikes are killing terrorists? story on U.S. drone bases in the Arabian peninsula show just how hard it is to keep a lid on information.

New York Times Washington Bureau Chief David Leonhardt says that government officials 'continued' objecting to plan to reveal a U.S. drone base in Saudi Arabia.

The Associated Press participated in an arrangement to keep secret the location of a Saudi drone base operated by the United States. It explains its rationale for complying with the arrangement.

The New York Times reveals that a drone base is located in Saudi Arabia. That's news, and it's also the subject of an 'informal arrangement' among news organizations not to disclose.

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