The Washington Post

Says his case continues as scheduled, despite vague assurances from officials.

Former CBS News reporter handed off personal computer to government agents.

New court documents offer insight into what the Justice Department was seeking.

Fox News host wonders what the Justice Department was thinking with its "co-conspirator" language vis-a-vis James Rosen.

In attempting to explain why it called Fox News reporter James Rosen a possible co-conspirator in a federal crime, the Justice Department ties itself in knots.

Media organizations have developed a MO before publishing sensitive national-security information. Did Fox News observe it?

What's it called when the government kind of accuses a reporter of a criminal violation but then says it won't prosecute?

Getting mentioned in same breath with New York Times and AP? Fox'll take that.

Setting the record straight: Don't you dare allege any irony regarding Fox News's position on James Rosen and its position on Joe Muto.