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The Washington Post

Big-time paper decides to deploy the English language in service of journalism.

Cuba connection brings fascinating wrinkle to long-running case.

On the one hand, Justice preaches self-restraint on the media; on the other, it continues pushing for a reporter's testimony.

Letter from Risen's attorney points to Justice Department's new guidelines on how to handle cases involving reporters.

New court documents offer insight into what the Justice Department was seeking.

Justice Department guidelines insist that testimony from journalists be essential to the case at hand. Does James Risen's case meet that standard?

In attempting to explain why it called Fox News reporter James Rosen a possible co-conspirator in a federal crime, the Justice Department ties itself in knots.

Gary Pruitt says that five steps are needed to 'give meaning' to freedom of the press.

Getting mentioned in same breath with New York Times and AP? Fox'll take that.

Without AP and Fox News, Attorney General Eric Holder's meetings with the media may feel a bit hollow.

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