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MSNBC program gives NRA chance to chat with Joe Biden; NRA declines. "They don't want to debate," says host Joe Scarborough.

NRA President David Keene calls magazine-capacity regulation in the District of Columbia one of the "silly" laws governing firearms.

Gun-rights organization charges that CNN ran a "fake" story on the firepower of assault rifles. CNN says it merely made a mistake.

On Friday, NRA President David Keene said his organization would be ready for questions on Monday. Yet the place is closed!

Wayne LaPierre follows in a grand tradition by declining to answer questions at a "major news conference."

Wayne LaPierre wonders why news outlets failed to highlight a video game.

Wayne LaPierre criticizes media in news conference in the wake of the Newtown shootings.

Its statement serves as a signal that this shooting tragedy really could be transformational.

Fox News is reporting that the National Rifle Association may start pushing back in the post-Newtown debate on gun control. Does that mean they're return the media's many inquiries?

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