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The Washington Post

White House suggests that happiness over impending act was something 'confined to intelligence operations.'

A set of difficult decisions on disclosures of a top-secret program.

Newspaper wants to know how many gallons giant data center is consuming.

Some interesting back-and-forth between the former NSA contractor and the media.

Media outlets are hesitant to call public officials "liars." That's a good thing, but they're finding a compelling exception in James Clapper.

Let the fact-checking phase of the Edward Snowden story begin.

There is a big difference, says cable host, between records of phone conversations and e-mails.

The debate over the news value of the Guardian and The Post's scoops.

Terms make a difference!

The world had some hints that the source of documents unveiling the wide-ranging surveillance activities of the National Security Agency (NSA) might just come out. On Friday, for instance, Barton Gellman, a co-author of a Post story detailing the agency’s access to a vast array of Internet communications, told the Erik Wemple Blog that the […]

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