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Phone hacking: A huge, and somewhat tedious, scandal.

"Good faith" on part of Murdoch executives in the phone-hacking scandal? Huh?

He what?

Fun with the 24/7 news network.

A stunning tale of public relations is described in a new book by David Folkenflik.

There are only so many countermeasures against the sort of treatment that the New York Post accorded to two Boston-area young men. One of them is a whopping civil suit.

Don't mess with the News Corp. boss's media-consumption habits. They're proven to create wealth.

Guest on show says that Murdoch is "going strong" into his 80s. "Is that good," quips Matthews.

Fox News tells a top official that everyone at Fox News loves him, that he can call in headline changes if he so wishes, and that the boss might help him run for president.