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No charges in the high-profile scuffle involving a Fox News contributor.

Prosecutor to reveal whether he'll pursue the case.

The Fox News contributor says he and 'some men' tried to 'push' away some rowdies at Tuesday's union protests in Lansing, Mich.

Steven Crowder, the Fox News contributor who was attacked during the Lansing union protests on Tuesday, has just filed a criminal complaint with the Michigan State Police

Michigan State Police sticks with its assessment that Tuesday's union protests were "mostly peaceful."

Fox News's "Hannity" features an interesting discussion on the origins of the fight between Fox News contributor Steven Crowder and some other guy.

Should the media have given more attention to the violence at yesterday's Lansing, Mich., protest?

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder shows up at Lansing protests and comes away a crime victim. Did he deserve this? No. Is he enjoying it? Different question.

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder gets in the middle of some mayhem at today's Michigan union protests.

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