The Washington Post has a slew of openings for smart, talented tech types. And I’m posting every single one of them here because, if you’re a smart, talented tech type, I really, really, hope you apply.

It’s no secret that newspapers were a bit slow to get on board with the whole digital revolution thing. But we’re there now. And we have almost endless amounts of data and content that we’re just beginning to figure out how to leverage. Top Secret America was a good example of what happens when we figure it out. Wonkblog has some charts, and some graphs, but that’s nothing compared to what we hope to do with data in 2012 and 2013.

A good tech team, however, is the foundation for all this work, and all these hoped-for advances. And the better the tech team at the paper, the more we’ll be able to experiment. So if you’re one of those people — and I know you’re out there — whose interests are at the intersection of technology, politics and journalism, there’s no better place to bring them all together. Here are the positions:


- IT Security Analyst

- Senior QA Analyst

- Senior QA Tester


- Principal Architect (“He/she will is tasked with assisting The Post with staying at the cusp of cutting-edge technology and leading the way in digital technology in the media industry,” not in designing buildings).


- Front-End Engineer;

- Mobile Software Engineer

- Mobile UI Developer

- Senior Software Engineer

- UNIX Systems Administrator

Systems Administration:

- Desktop Systems Engineer