Eat me. (M. Spencer Green/AP)
The dominant thread in the ongoing discussion is this: The Chinese people, and their voracious appetites, are the solution to America’s carp woes. This can be expressed comically, as Accidental VIP, the handle for a Beijing media executive, tweeted: “Chinese ‘foodies’ must join battle and rescue the Americans! The Obama Administration will reimburse you for eating steamed fish head with chopped peppers.” It can also be expressed simply, as in this enthusiastic tweet from Shanghai: “Eat eat. Eat all of it. Immediately resolved.”

More on Asian carp here. Louisiana has already suggested we just eat the fish. Sure, it hasn’t been a hit with Americans, but neither was Patagonian toothfish, until it got rebranded “Chilean seabass” and became so popular that it’s now overfished.