If doctors enjoy their day jobs, you certainly wouldn’t know it from talking to them. A survey of 24,000 doctors published last week found just 54 percent would pursue the same career path if they got a second chance. They griped about growing piles of paperwork, cuts in reimbursements and all the changes introduced by Obamacare.

That’s what practicing physicians said, at least. When you look at a slightly younger generation of aspiring physicians, you get a pretty different picture: Lots of college kids still do, in fact, want to be doctors.

The Association of American Medical Colleges is out with new data projecting that first-year medical school enrollment will steadily increase in coming years, increasing by 29 percent over the course of 15 years:

It’s worth noting this is in contrast to other professional graduate schools, such as law school, which actually saw declining applications (and in some states, double-digit declines in enrollment) in recent years.