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Hey girl, we’re in a Ryan Gosling bubble

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As “Feminist Ryan Gosling” nabs a book deal, Tumblr user Radio_On charts the very rapid rise of the now ubiquitously-meme-fied actor:

“At this rate, theoretically, by 2094 every single Tumblr will be Ryan Gosling-based,” tumblr user TopherChris adds.

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The soft-hearted feminist’s Tumblr domination, is, however, far from secured. As Ezra has pointed out before, there’s some ridiculousness in trying to extrapolate out a current trend decades out in the future. That applies to health care costs -- and Mr. Gosling.

As long as Ryan Gosling is on the rise, we’d be remiss not to mention our own attempt to wonkify the meme, Paul Ryan Gosling. And if you’re worried about Gosling’s exponentially expanding clout, just check out the unsustainable growth in health care economic papers these days.

(h/t: Jessica Bennett)

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