On Thursday, Google launched its controversial new data-sharing plan (for example, it will use your YouTube habits to tailor search results). In advance, Google asked users to read its new privacy policy. Seems reasonable, right? But Google’s policy is also more than 2,200 words long. Alexis Madrigal points to research showing that if every Web site started doing this, we’d have little time for anything else:

So, each and every Internet user, were they to read every privacy policy on every website they visit would spend 25 days out of the year just reading privacy policies! If it was your job to read privacy policies for 8 hours per day, it would take you 76 work days to complete the task.

That’s assuming the average person visits around 1,500 Web sites a year. Who has time for that? “What that massive number tells us,” Madrigal notes, “is that the way we deal with privacy is fundamentally broken.”