Unemployment in the United States and Ohio. (BLS data; Google graphs.)

The Romney campaign just sent out this statement from Jerry Hruby, mayor of Brecksville, Ohio:

President Obama never fails to disappoint. He’s come to Ohio many times and, each time he visits, he promises that things will get better. Unfortunately, all we can count on is that he will soon return, making the same promises and delivering the same lack of results. President Obama’s policies have not worked.

What’s odd about this pitch is that if we’re attributing all movement in the American economy to “Obama’s policies,” then Obama’s policies are working relatively well for Ohio.

When Obama took office, unemployment in Ohio was 9.1 percent. Within six months, it was 10.6 percent — higher than the national average. But since then, unemployment in Ohio has dropped faster and further than it has elsewhere in the country. Today it’s 7.4 percent. If “Obama’s policies” were working as well nationally as they are in Ohio, he’d be cruising to reelection.