The Rick Perry campaign is out today with an ad slamming Romneycare. But this is no normal campaign ad. This is probably the most dramatic video about health policy you’ll ever watch. Anyone who has followed political ads this primary season will instantly recognize the spot as the work of Lucas Baiano, who previously worked on Tim Pawlenty spots, and operates in space best defined as attack-ad-meets-Transformers preview (see more of his work here).

Avik Roy at Forbes writes that the video is already making waves in conservative circles. The Examiner’s Philip Klein will be watching for the follow-up. “Perry has run the first ad against the plan, the question is whether he’ll be able to follow through, especially in upcoming debates, the first of which is tomorrow night,” he writes. “If Perry is asked about his Romneycare ad, will he fumble the attack like he did in the last debate? Or will he be able to deliver it fluidly?”

This was the problem that dogged former presidential candidate Pawlenty a few debates back. He was able to come out with an aggressive attack on Massachusetts health reform during a television interview (Obamneycare, anyone?). But Pawlenty shied from that attack when the two shared the stage at a Republican debate, a move roundly criticized as a lost opportunity for the former Minnesota governor.

We’ll get a better glimpse at what a Perry attack on Massachusetts health reform looks like, without special effects, tomorrow night.