CNN’s latest poll on health-care reform shows what pretty much every other poll on health-care reform shows: The law is unpopular, but the group of people who either like it or want a more liberal one is larger than the group of people who don’t like it and either want a more conservative law or no law at all. As CNN’s Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser writes:

There are two ways to look at the poll’s overall numbers. One is that 59 percent oppose the law. The second is that if you add the 13 percent who oppose the law because it’s not liberal enough to the 37 percent that support the law, you come up with 50 percent of the American people who disagree with the Republican leadership on the issue.

As Dave Weigel notes, however, the numbers are worse for the law among seniors, and seniors vote at higher rates than non-seniors. I also continue to think it relevant that the dominant emotion toward the health-care law is confusion. It doesn’t need to be that way.