Today, Brad argued California’s high-speed rail project isn’t quite doomed yet, Suzy looked at what Rick Perry’s budget would mean for education, Ezra faulted the White House for not making job creation part of the supercommittee’s agenda, and Sarah delved into the regulatory battle over what counts as “affordable” health care coverage. Here’s what we missed:

1) Rick Perry stands by his promise to inflict frontier justice on a prominent Republican economist if he tries to help the economy more than he already has.

2) Eliot Spitzer’s “stuff Obama should do about the economy” list is one of the more plausible I’ve seen.

3) The EU is stepping closer to fiscal integration.

4) The “na na na I can’t hear you na na na” solution to inequality.

5) Truman won reelection because GDP growth was at almost 7 percent, not because he fought Congress aggressively.

Song of the Day: Archers of Loaf’s “Wrong.”