1), where the homepage is redacted, at least until you mouse over the content;

2), where you get to see the article you want for a flash, but are quickly pushed to an ominous, black page with an explanation of the protest and a tool for contacting your representative;

3), where the Internet has gone dark and your mouse acts as a spotlight;

4), where the front page looks almost normal, but the content is all about SOPA, including ‘This is the Internet After SOPA [PICS]”;

5), where they’ve blacked-out the Google logo in a way that sustains the site’s basic functionality—so they’re not misusing their power too much— but makes their point very, very clear.

What are your favorites?

(And if you’re confused about this whole SOPA thing, read this primer on the bill, or this interview with Ron Wyden, the law’s staunchest Senate opponent, or the continuing coverage over at PostTech.)