I’m off to the beach for a week, so I’m turning the blog over to a truly epic crew of guest-bloggers:

l Boy genius Dylan Matthews, whom you know from Wonkbook, Research Desk and many previous stints on this blog;

l Ace reporter Suzy Khimm, whom you know from Mother Jones and many previous stints on this blog;

l Education wonk Dana Goldstein, whom you know from the American Prospect, her eponymous blog and almost everywhere else that fine education wonkery is published;

l Super brain Brad Plumer, whom you know from the New Republic;

l Philosopher-economist Karl Smith, whom you know from Modeled Behavior;

l and health-care experts Austin Frakt and Aaron Carroll, whom you know from their must-read health-policy blog, the Incidental Economist.

I’m worried that the best part of being at the beach will be stealing away to read my blog.