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During Tuesday night’s presidential debate, we will be posting live fact checks on The Washington Post’s Election 2012 Blog. Then, we will have a full report on this Web page that will post in the wee hours of Tuesday. (WATCH: Live debate video)

Remember, if you hear something fishy, send a tweet to #FactCheckThis.

 In the meantime, here are links to our fact checks of the first presidential debate and the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, as well as links to some of the key issues likely to come up in this debate. We are fairly certain some previously debunked claims will once again be repeated.

The First Presidential Debate

We looked at a baker’s dozens of suspect claims.

The Vice Presidential Debate

Lots of fishy facts were tossed around by Biden and Ryan, and we examined 18.

Debate leftovers

Some further digging into claims from the two debates.

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The old-age health program is sure to be an issue. We answered reader questions, including the frequent charge that Obama cut Medicare spending by more than $700 billion.

Social Security

Read our extensive primer to the program that provides workers with a basic level of income in retirement, as well as disability pay and life insurance while they work.

Federal Budget

Both sides make incorrect claims about President Obama’s budget. Here is a look at some of the charges and countercharges.

Bain Capital

The Obama campaign has leveled many claims about Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital, and here is a collection of 10 columns. And this is a look at one of Biden’s favorite claims— that Romney got a “bailout’ that cost taxpayers $10 million.

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