(Charles Krupa/AP)

Reporter Josh Hicks compiled the following look at Newt Gingrich’s claims about his life and career. Click on the headlines to read the complete report.

Gingrich and health-care mandates

Gingrich earned Two Pinocchios for his shifting statements of support for an individual health-care mandate.


Gingrich and statements about 1990s fiscal success

The House Speaker received Three Pinocchios for overstating his impact on the federal budget surpluses in the 1990s.


Gingrich on welfare and Medicare reform

Passing welfare reform was a significant achievement but Gingrich got a Pinocchio for overselling what happened on Medicare.



Gingrich, historian

The former speaker earned Three Pinocchios for overstating his credentials as “an historian”

Gingrich and ethics

Gingrich ended up with Four Pinocchios for highly misleading statements about the partisan nature of the ethics probe while he was House Speaker.