Not to belabor the point, but the Rick Perry campaign seems intent on playing games with snippets of quotes by his main rival, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. This morning, we’ve already deconstructed his made-up attack on Romney’s book, but then today here comes another one, this time on Romney’s supposed support for President Obama’s “Race to the Top” education initiative.

Simply to show how careful cutting of video can leave a misimpression, compare the ad….

…with the actual full clip of Romney’s discussion of Race to the Top....

Note that the Perry campaign left off the key last sentence: “But for me, get that back to the state level.” The campaign also clipped out a portion at the beginning of the talk when Romney says that he hopes his praise for Obama’s education secretary is not considered “heresy.”

In other words, Romney supports some of the overall goals of “Race to the Top,” but not the fact that Obama wants to make it a federal program. That’s a critical difference, or else the Perry canpaign would not have left those words on the cutting room floor.

This is yet another example of misleading campaign advertising. But we’ll leave it at that. There are only so many Pinocchios one can award in a day!

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