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Sanders says 99 percent of new income is going to top 1 percent of Americans. Is he correct?

Here are the facts behind the president's shocking claim.

The administration says Obamacare allows them to cut federal immunization funding, but that's not entirely the case.

President Obama made a quick reference to a complex topic during the State of the Union. But what he left out is just as important.

Giuliani said Obama is sending an anti-police message by inviting Al Sharpton to the White House "80, 85 times."

The oft-cited statistic on sexual assault cannot be applied to all college campuses, an arm of the Justice Department says.

President Obama recently stated a claim comparing U.S. job growth to other countries two different ways, resulting in different Pinocchio ratings.

Former Sen. Scott Brown (R) says Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D) is running a "smear" on abortion. But we find he doth protest too much.

The close Senate race in Iowa may hinge on whether Rep. Bruce Braley (D) threatened to sue his neighbor over chickens. Not quite, but something fishy happened.

The American Beverage Association says more added sugar comes from food rather than beverages.

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