Adobe has announced three new touch apps for the iPad designed to work with Photoshop with its latest version of the program’s Creative Suite 5.5.

Eazel will let users paint with their fingers and transmit their creations from the iPad to Photoshop. Color Lava turns the iPad into a painter’s palette and lets users share their created colors via e-mail. Nav, available for $2, makes the iPad a remote control for Photoshop.

The apps are priced between $1.99 and $4.99, and are expected to come out in early May

The apps are built with Adobe’s Touch software development kit, the Photoshop Touch SDK, for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS. The SDK for Windows and Mac OS is free for download at the Adobe Photoshop Developer Center.

The company also announced that frugal designers can now rent annual or month-to-month access to the programs in the Creative Suite. Subscriptions can be stopped and restarted as needed.