Amazon’s Kindle with Special Offers is now also a coupon portal. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

New York City residents will be the first to be served the Amazon deals on their e-readers, the company said in a release, and will expand the service to other cities later this year.

Customers will be able to purchase coupons straight from their Kindle withour reentering financial information. Vouchers will then be sent to the e-reader that shoppers can take to retail outlets.

Some of the debut deals included discounts on ice cream and wine, as well as for bike rentals and yoga class — presumably to work off the calories from the first two deals.

The ad-supported Kindle, known officially as the Kindle with Special Offers, is one of the online retailer’s biggest sellers. The WiFi-only model costs $114, while the 3G version is just a bit more at $139.

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