Score one for Google in the smartphone wars. A recent Nielsen study shows that more people want their next smartphone to be an Android phone rather than an iPhone — though the percentages are very close.

Just over 31 percent of those surveyed from January to March of 2011 said they wanted their next phone to be an Android, followed by 30 percent for the iPhone. One-fifth said they were not sure what they wanted to buy next.

The results differ quite a bit from responses to the same question asked from July to September 2010, when 33 percent of respondents wanted the iPhone and a quarter said they would choose Android for their next phone. Android’s growth is particularly impressive given that the iPhone was released on Verizon in February, making it available to more than one network.

Apple trails Android in overall market share as well, 27 percent to 37 percent.

As for the rest of the smartphone makers, Research in Motion (maker of the BlackBerry) followed iPhone with 11 percent, then 6 percent for Windows Phone, and 1 percent each for Palm/WebOS and Other. Nokia got 0 percent, presumably because of rounding.

What do you want your next smartphone to be?